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Performing, teaching, and choreographing for the musical theatre are the things that bring me the most joy in life.  I found a home on the stage when I performed in my first musical at eight years old.  Since that time, I have continued training in dance, acting, singing, and music, and have sought leadership and teaching positions in several areas of the theatre.  I aim to create and share this art form with audiences and students for as long as I am able.  I feel blessed to work in a profession that fulfills me and can touch the lives of others.


My favorite projects are those that challenge boundaries and seek to portray the human condition honestly.  This is especially reflected in my acting.  Because musical theatre can tend to blur the line of realism, I try to portray characters within their realm of reality in my acting and exude heightened emotion and circumstance in my dancing and singing.  Experience is important to me so I am willing to try anything, and I am interested in projects that will challenge me and help me grow as a performer.  Choreographing and teaching give me opportunities to hone my craft and share my love of the art in a different way off the stage.  With every new project, I seek to learn more about and further fall in love with the world, its people, their stories, and my work.


My current goal is to embrace anything that comes my way.  Thus far, my career has given me chances to explore and delve into my craft, and I want to continue this trend.  In every class I take, class I teach, and production in which I am involved, I continue to learn new things and carry them with me as an artist.  I plan to continue to immerse myself and find a home in the musical theatre as long as possible.

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